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Compensation & Benefits

Al Hassan offers competitive compensation packages which are designed to attract and retain the technical skills, expertise and competencies from expatriates around the world. The long service of many employees is testimony to the fine overall package provided by Al Hassan. Compensation which employees receive consists of a base salary, plus overbase payments/premiums designed to provide an incentive to accept and remain on an expatriate assignment.

Apart from basic salary, Al Hassan provides allowances for housing, furniture, utilities and mobile phone usage. Al Hassan also supports subsidised meals and provides life insurance. It also provides company maintained vehicle (for senior staff), transport allowance for school going children (for senior staff) and medical bill reimbursement.

Other Compensation Elements

In addition to the compensation described above, an employee's compensation and benefits package may also include:


Employees get a bonus at the year end - although this is not guaranteed but generally this is being paid every year based on the profits of the company and is in practice since last five years. Employees are evaluated and appraised once in a year and an increment or promotion is awarded as per his performance.

Gratuity and Terminal Benefits

In accordance with Omani labour laws, gratuity and terminal benefits are payable by the company to employees who leave after two years, or more, of satisfactory service. The gratuity and terminal benefits are based on length of continuous service and final pay. The end of service benefits award can be substantial for longer-service employees, e.g., an employee with 10 years of service would receive terminal benefits equal to 8.5 times monthly basic pay.

Specified Location Allowance

Al Hassan operates in various locations throughout Oman/UAE. Should an employee be assigned to a work location that the company specifies as a remote location, the employee will receive an allowance.

Overtime/Shift Premium

Should an employee be assigned to a location or function that requires scheduled overtime or non-standard work hours, additional compensation will be paid on a monthly basis.

Annual Vacation & Leave Travel Allowance

Based on the position, employees are entitled to upto 30 calendar days paid vacation each year. The company bears the cost of travel from Oman/UAE to the nearest international airport from the point-of-origin of the employees and their eligible dependents residing in Oman/UAE.